20 year old dating a 30 year old man, yahoo answers

Sometimes our age difference is really noticeable and at others, it feels like I'm the more mature one in the relationship. Be chill like him and just try to talk to him like he is an another human being. Verified by Psychology Today.

That could get weird fast, or it could be the source of a bad power dynamic. There is also the fact that he's had some different life experiences, such as both his parents dying. If anything, his emotional maturity has allowed us to have those tough conversations about sex. But again, I think it's more because of who he is, rather than the more experience. There is a particular immaturity connected to the hookup culture which I just have no time for.

We have been together for seven years now and while we've had our differences and still do we've both managed to get along well and have a great relationship. Is marriage sometime in the next few years a possibility, or no? The man I dated was essentially an year-old himself when it came to maturity. We started dating and it developed into a relationship shortly after. Does it match our scientific understanding of age-related preferences for dating?

  • The age can be an issue if you let it but you're both adults.
  • He makes me giddily happy just by being there.
  • Thus the rule for maximum age is fairly ineffective at capturing what men actually believe is acceptable.
20 year old dating a 30 year old man

30 year old man dating 20 year old woman - age difference relationship

It sounds like this guy is great, so I'd say she should continue dating him while keeping her eyes open and figuring the rest of this stuff out. Is this a cause for concern? Reinventing the Dharma Wheel. Doesn't sound like a problem to me.

Why I Date Much Older Men

We began dating when I was on winter break during my freshman year in college. People in my age group have always annoyed me. How long did you date for?

Can a 20 year old be happy dating a 30 year old

However, if I could do it all over again, I'd stick with the college boys. But that's not the question. That relationship didn't last, but the lessons I learned from it have endured. We discovered we had a lot of interests in common and became good friends.

Why I Date Much Older Men

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But how legitimate is this rule? It doesn't sound like you're worried about her safety, so. If you decide to consider marriage at some point, really think about the age difference. Basically, get ready to have a lot of conversations sooner than you might have had you not dated up a decade. But it sounds like they're aware of those risks, switzerland too.

It was devastating to my sense of self-worth. The age difference in itself is not a problem. As a year-old woman, I understand their hesitations now.

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If she's handling it well, great! How Not to Get a Man's Attention. And as for your sister still living at home - it's her parents house and she should live by their rules. Are Psychiatric Diagnoses Meaningless? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

She'd have a lot of support from friends and roommates who are learning all this stuff at the same time. He wasn't ready to settle down. When it doesn't matter is when you and your partner don't talk or worry about it. But those red flags turn up in the relationship dynamics, not in the simple difference in age. She hasn't seen the world, he probably has.

But I come with my own attendant baggage too. My biggest concern would be that he won't want to do what she wants to do since he has done it already. Also, her mom retired early in part to accommodate her Dad and she's spent the last decade or so being pretty bored. As a mother wife and aunt how should I respond to this?

In fact, given everything else you say, cystic fibrosis patients dating this sounds like a great relationship. How long have they been together? Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones.

This might sound a bit out of left field, but is it possible that some of your Mormon upbringing might still be affecting your thinking a bit? Thats a perfect age together. But, I would not have dated him while living with my parents or while working with him. The only possibly, though maybe not age-related issues I can think of that arose had to do with expectations. It didn't work out well, but I'm not sure the age difference was really our biggest problem.

Do you think your age was part of the attraction for him? Research finds that one well-known guideline may not work for everyone. She is more mature than me than I was at that age though. Thank you all for your responses, which have helped me learn more about what is considered healthy and normal by average folks. You're you, new dating site and she's her.

Research finds that one well-known guideline may not work for everyone

  1. You need to take care of yourself, and let her do for herself, unless or until some sort of actual harm enters the situation.
  2. Enjoy the moment of extreme happiness with one another, because tomorrow may not be the same.
  3. He treats her very well and with a lot of respect and kindness.

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We don't want to emulate that. Answer Questions Would this situation bother you? If I need to grow up, it's a personal thing that affects me, signs you might be dating not my sexual partners. It sounds like your sister is handling it well and aware of the risks. The relationships are healthy.

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