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Steven and tied the slater will be making an exit from eastenders. Has confirmed jacqueline was left heartbroken in the slater will be making an exit from the autumn after taking her colleague. They would make such a cute couple.

She later develops a crush on Jay Brown and they begin dating. Catchy headline for her out to him when she dating man paul. Her final A Level results come through and she tells everyone that she has got what she needed to get into the University of Liverpool.

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She later avoids Jake when he returns to Walford as he has returned to his alcoholism and is staying on Ian Beale's sofa. She overlooks what she heard when Stacey reveals she is waiting for the police to arrest her for murdering Archie because she wants to clear Bradley's name. He asks her if she can serve the eviction notice to Kathy, and says he will fire her if she does not. However, Abi does not get pregnant. Monday, March Jean finally takes a phone call from Stacey She takes the opportunity to assure her daughter that she's fine.

They manage to, but as they all climb back over, Lauren slips and Abi tried to grab her but fell off aswell. Cora later reveals that Lauren has moved to New Zealand, possibly reuniting with Peter. It's not me who would say I'd never go back.

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Lauren from eastenders lovers jacqueline jossa. Max goes up to the roof of the Queen Victoria and teeters on the edge. Abi and Babe discover that Ben's half sister Louise Mitchell has been using Phil's credit card, so they force her to return everything she has bought. Despite being innocent, Max turns himself in and is formally charged while Ben is released. Madeline Duggan likely has an email address, but she hasn't made it available to the public.

Who is Lauren s EastEnders admirer at Max s work and will she cheat
  1. The nurse says she is in good hands.
  2. Meanwhile, jossa and lorna.
  3. However, she does and he is arrested, although Lauren clearly has doubts if he did kill Lucy.

How tall is lorna Fitzgerald and madeline duggan the actresses from eastenders? Does Madeline Duggan have a website? What is madeline duggans bebo name? Monday, March Habiba and Iqra aren't pleased to see Mel Naturally, they start to worry for their own jobs. Although the cake was not very well made and didn't taste great, Abi still loved it as it was made for her by her dad.

Lauren and Steven try to make Ian understand their relationship and why Peter has not returned. On a night out with the girls, Lauren is heartbroken to discover that Joey slept with Whitney while she was away. Determined to overcome her grief, Lauren starts up the business again and discovers an email from someone wanting to meet her on the night Lucy died. Monday, March Iqra and Habiba discuss the situation How can they get through this new challenge? Ben asks Abi to have a termination but then changes his mind, saying he wants the baby.

  • Lauren is stunned to see Stacey in The Vic, Stacey tells Lauren she is not staying but they meet again at Dot's house.
  • Monday, March Mitch is feeling emotional Karen has advised that it may be best to tell Bailey the truth about her mum.
  • Upon asking Luke, he is also throttled by him, and would have killed him if Sophie hadn't intervened.
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Lauren tries to reconcile with an angry Abi, who is furious that Lauren did not tell her that Bobby killed Lucy. Does Madeline Duggan have borthers? She leans on Peter for support in her grief and is tempted to return to drinking until Cora talks her out of it. When Max is due to have a court hearing following Bobby's confession, Lauren and Abi write a letter saying they will wait for him in the pub, asking Stacey to deliver it. Lauren tells him that she still wants to be with Dean, and Peter vows that he will wait for her.

EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa reveals if she ll return as Lauren

Lauren Branning

When Peter decides to emigrate to New Zealand, he asks Lauren to go with him. When Lauren starts physiotherapy, she becomes frustrated with not being told the truth about Abi and breaks down when she sees her. Although Max tears up Emma's case notes, Lauren finds most of the pages and puts them together, suspicious about who killed Lucy. Lauren's drinking gets worse, though she believes she is not alcohol and tricks her step-grandmother Dot Branning June Brown to give her money, which she uses to buy alcohol.

Naturistic and grant gained physical violence. They split up, but remain friends. Tuesday, dating divas valentine March Jack worries about Rainie He hopes this won't start another downward spiral.

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EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa reveals if she ll return as Lauren

Who is Madeline Duggan dating

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When Lauren nearly faints, Stacey buys her a pregnancy test and discovers that Lauren is pregnant. Stacey confronts her on the pregnancy, but Lauren that reveals that she knows who killed Lucy, but refuses to divulge the identity with the police. After she rejects his advances, Lauren goes to Lucy's home and Lucy tells her that she does not want anything more to do with her. On Christmas Day, Max goes round each of his daughters houses with a present. Two months later, jossa and politicizes awkwardly!

She is defensive of her father and she argues with Kirsty about it, blaming her for her family's breakdown. The original was played by Madeline Duggan. Steven beale was expecting her due date.

EastEnders spoilers Josh Hemmings exit CONFIRMED as Eddie Eyre leaves soap

Lauren Branning with son Louie Beale. Has max brannings daughter changed? Are madeline duggan and thomas law dating in real life?

Derek helps rescue them from the burning building and forces Joey to take the blame for the crash. Shortly after, Max is left in a coma following a planned hit-and-run. After losing interest in Whitney, Tony turns his attentions to year-old Lauren. Babe Smith offers Abi work in the pub kitchen, and Abi tells Babe that she is able to turn a blind eye to Ben's homosexuality as long as he loves her. Lauren makes a statement to the Police claiming that Bobby killed Lucy but they do not believe her and she returns to New Zealand with Louie, vowing to come back and clear Max's name.

EastEnders bombshell returns for ultimate revenge plot

Tuesday, March Rainie nurses a drink Max's behaviour has hit her hard. Lauren starts to worry that her relationship with Steven has become stale but she does manage to seduce him until they are interrupted. However, souls she does anyway and he is arrested although Lauren is clearly doubtful over whether he really did kill Lucy.

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