Dating gillette razor blades, gillette razors and blades for men

Atra clip-on pivoting cartridge. Joyce retires to California, dies shortly afterward leaving controlling shares to John E. Nickerson invents an improved automatic honing machine, are you allowing increased blade production. Well I still shave with my H code.

Last year for the Thin Blade? Techmatic Band Cartridges. Also in case is a blade with lines cut in it. Old Style still seen with no serial.

Gillette Razors and Blades for Men

Dating gillette razor blades

In this system was expanded to include razors, too see below. War Production Board orders dedicated military production for all razors and most blades. Sensor pivoting cartridge, with flexible twin blades. Super Blue Blade silicone coated. Other makers included serial or manufacturing codes, but we do not have the keys.

  1. All the coding systems are listed below.
  2. Prototypes wouldn't be sold at retail.
  3. Good News disposable introduced.
  4. Milady Decollette short handle long neck.
Dating gillette razor blades

Date codes on blades see above also continued through this period. These codes are found on the underside of the guard mechanism, or in cartridge razors, near the attachment mechanism for the blade. Super Stainless Injector Blade. These razors now come with hollow handles. These serial numbers were on the top of the guard, or sometimes the inner barrel.

US Gillette Dating Information

Hollow Handle Pocket Edition. Got that razor from a friend in when I started shaving. Rolls, Valet, Gillette, Ator and some I don't remember. Some refer to these as prototypes but prototypes wouldn't be sold at retail with warranty cards and price inserts as these were.

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Who knew I was shaving my old face with an antique, then again, are you the face ain't so new either. The following chart is a list of my dated Gillette razors. Blue plastic blade dispenser.

Jayaruh Shaving Gillette Date Codes

All is in excellent shape. Black Handle Super Adjustable. Venus for Women triple blade cartridge. Men's Adjustable gets long thin handle.

Diamond logo in use on blades by September, and perhaps on some razors and sets during or after Christmas. Cream plastic blade dispenser. Sensor cartridge with aloe strip.

Patent fight and merger with Auto Strop. Aristocrat Model introduced. Super Stainless Steel Blade.

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Date codes only on blades until when they were used on razors again in addition to blades. So while very rare, they aren't prototypes. This page documents what we know about Gillette safety razor serial numbers and date codes.

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  • Single Ring Handle Introduced.
  • It also has a red dot on the neck near the adjuster ring and a red dot on the toggle switch.
  • Center bars get notched July.

It was made this year and in only. During certain periods some or all models were unmarked. AutoStrop and Rolls are two well known manufacturers who serial numbered their razors.

Tech intro'd with triangle guard slots. Blue blade plain slot and diamonds introduced. Jim I been have another sleepless night. Toggle Adjustable produced.

Gillette Razor and Blade Dating and Feature Information

Full civilian production resumes. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. If a vintage razor is found with its original blades, the blade codes can be used to establish a rough date for the razor.

For notes on the early company history, see Gillette Timeline. Last updated by rockviper. Limited Release of the Toggle. This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence.

In Gillette started marking their blades with date codes. Collected razors at one time, still have them all. No razors got date codes or date serial numbers until except only De Luxe model razors which still got serial numbers this year only.

Gillette Date Codes
Dating gillette razor blades

Thin Blade black and white wrapper red print. According your chart, no techmatic where produced when the letter was U. If you have the key to another manufacturer's codes, please share this information with other collectors.

No, create an account now. Gaisman retires, succeeded by J. Some razors produced with Gillette code-Q.

Limited nickel toggle run. Gaisman Auto Stop succeeds tainted management after financial scandals. Camoflage blade for military use. King Gillette's picture on blade wrappers.

Date codes weren't used at this time so dating is from old magazine advertisements and included-blades date codes. Last year of production for the Lady Gillette double edge razor. Following that is a chart explaining the coding system Gillette used from the beginning. Joyce buys out most of King Camp Gillette's stock. So razors made from can be difficult to date precisely.

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